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Show-Me Data About Show-Me Data

Show-Me Data is an interactive web tool that allows users to create custom charts using a variety of economic and demographic information. Users can select from a collection of pre-made ‘Popular Charts’ or build their own ‘Custom Chart’ to include in their own work. These charts can be embedded in blogs or distributed through social media.

In the ‘Custom Charts’ section, the data are divided into two main categories: Taxes and Economic Indicators. The database includes an archive of additional information that includes specific selective tax rates, public employee information, and overall tax burdens.

Who Maintains This Site?

Dr. Arthur Laffer, of Laffer Associates in Nashville, Tenn., began maintaining this dataset in 1977 and transferred ownership to the Show-Me Institute in 2009. The Show-Me Institute now maintains this dataset and makes it available to scholars, media, and the general public to use. Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions for Show-Me Data to Darin Morley at