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Show-Me Data FAQs

  • Why is Show-Me Data not displaying properly?

    It is possible you are using an old browser. The website display has not been checked on versions of Internet Explorer pre Internet Explorer 8. Try updating your browser or switching to a different browser, (such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.)

  • Where does your data come from?

    Most of the data on the site originates from the United States Census Bureau, but there are additional sources. For a complete list, please refer to the data sources section.

  • Does Show-Me Data have local data such as revenue from counties or municipal tax rates?

    Currently, Show-Me Data has statewide data. It does not include national or local data.

  • How often is your data updated?

    Census information is only updated every year (and a year behind). BLS data is updated monthly.

  • There are large gaps in the data displayed on the charts I create. Why is that?

    Show-Me Data uses data sets that come from various sources, such as the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, etc. These data sets begin on different years depending on the topic. Also, a couple of data sets either only measure the topic every other year or have years missing from their collection. Below is a list of all the data sets on Show-Me Data and the years for which these data sets begin:

    • Total Taxes: 1977
    • Taxes Per Capita: 1980
    • Property taxes: 1976
    • Total Sales & Gross Receipts Taxes: 1977
    • General Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Alcohol Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Amusements Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Insurance Premium Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Motor Fuels Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Para-Mutual Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Public Utilities Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Tobacco Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Other Sales Taxes: 1977
    • Total License Taxes: 1977
    • Total Other Taxes: 1977
    • Alcoholic Beverage Taxes: 1977
    • Amusements License Taxes: 1977
    • Corporate License Taxes: 1977
    • Hunting & Fishing License Taxes: 1977
    • Motor Vehicle License Taxes: 1977
    • Driving License Taxes: 1977
    • Public Utilities License Taxes: 1977
    • Occupation Business and License Taxes: 1977
    • Other License Taxes: 1977
    • Total Income Taxes: 1977
    • Total Individual Income Taxes: 1977
    • Total Net Corporate Income Taxes: 1977
    • Death and Gift Taxes: 1977
    • Documentation & Stock Transfer Taxes: 1977
    • Severance Taxes: 1977
    • Taxes Not Classified Elsewhere: 1977
    • State Populations: 1980
    • Total Personal Income: 1980
    • Per Capita Personal Income: 1980
    • Total Labor Force: 1980
    • Unemployment Rate: 1980
    • Gasoline Taxes: 1985
    • Diesel Taxes: 1985
    • Liquefied Petroleum Gas Taxes: 1997
    • Gasohol Taxes: 1997
    • Wine Taxes: 2000
    • Spirit Taxes: 2000
    • Beer Taxes: 2000
    • Cigarette Taxes: 2000
    • Sales Tax Rates: 2000
    • Housing Price Index: 1975
    • Top Corporate Income Tax Rates: 2000
    • Total Government Employees (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Full-time Government Employees (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Part-time Government Employees (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Full-time Equivalent Government Employees (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Full-time Payroll (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Part-time Payroll (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Total Payroll (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Full-time Equivalent Employees per 10,000 State Population (data from 1996 is unavailable): 1993
    • Worker’s Comp Rate (data is only available for even numbered years): 1994
    • Worker’s Comp Ranking (data is only available for even numbered years): 1994
    • Net Domestic Migration: 1990
    • Top Individual Income Tax Rates: 2000
    • State Unemployment: 1980
    • State Employment: 1980
    • Gross Domestic Product-By State: 1997
    • Gross Domestic Product-By State: 1997
  • When I select the "Per Capita" filter for "Total Employment" in the "South Atlantic" region, I get an error. Why is that?

    Because that particular filter involves dividing by the population. The District of Columbia is included in the “South Atlantic” region and the data set containing its population only extends back to 2000. Using any years before that will result in an error (because you will be dividing by zero).

  • When I export data, why is the data not displayed for some years?

    Either there is no data for that year in the original dataset (please see previous question for more information on gaps int he datasets) or when filters are applied, the calculations have a numerator that is zero.

  • Can I export the graphs and tables I see?

    Yes. To get a printer-friendly copy of the graph that you just made, or to download the data in an Excel file, simply click on the printer and Excel icons in the upper right corner of the graph.

  • When I try to download data to Excel, nothing happens. Why?

    This is probably due to your web browser’s pop-up blocker. Try holding when you click on the Excel icon, or disable your pop-up blocker in your browser’s settings.

  • How can I make selections on the site?

    On Section 1, click on one of the categories listed below. This will open up several subcategories. Click on the subcategory you want and then click ‘Continue.’ Section 2 will expand and you can select the states or region you want to examine. Once you have made your selection, click ‘Continue.’ This will expand Section 3, where you can select the time period for which you want to have the data displayed. Click on the appropriate years or select the range of years in the ‘By Range’ dropdown menu. Once you have finished your selections, click ‘Show-Me My Chart’ to complete your chart.